Czech luxury perfume house S.A.C.K.Y Parfums was founded by Elisavet Isabella Sacky & Radek Sacky in 2015. 

S.A.C.K.Y uses only the best and rarest materials in their perfume creations. 

Deftly combining their independence and innovation, their savoir-faire in the art of perfume creates an original and dramatic effect.


AMORPHUS’ COLLECTION consists of three fragrances, ABSURDUM, FIDELIUM, IMPERA, concentrated in Extrait de Parfum.

Launched in 2017,  its notoriously original and unbound concept marks the entirely new style of its author Elisavet Isabella Sacky,

and reflects sensuality and defiance, depth of sensitivity and mysterious complexity.


!! S.A.C.K.Y Parfums radically rejects animal testing and experiments !!